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Path to happiness

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Ankündigung Seiner Heiligkeit Gyalwang Drukpa am 29.Mai 2020

Many of you who have known me over the years have heard me talk about being tired about mundane activities. It is said, “Mundane work is endless, by nature it ends the moment you stop working”. Due to habitual tendencies acquired over time immemorial, there’s no concern about the ability to engage in mundane affairs. […]

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Victims of injustice

Our heart goes out to all victims of injustice. „Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.“ Kung Fu Nuns on Facebook: 1. Juni 2020   The GYALWANG DRUKPA CALLS FOR AN END TO RACISM I am very glad for the public outrage against police brutality and prejudice. Driving these protests are the undeserved killing […]

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Live to Love

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Parnashavari Mantra

OM / PISHA TSE / PANI / SHAWARI / SARVA / ZORA / TASHA MUNAYI / SOHA . Parnashavari or Loma Gyeunma is one of the 21 Taras, and she is invoked against infectious diseases. She is dressed in green leaves and as a Shavari is a member of one of India’s ancient indigenous peoples. […]

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His Holiness about COVID-19

. In order to give us his boundless support, His Holiness who has confined himself                           at Druk Amitabha, has sent this messages for all to read:   « What is taking place today is the result of our collective karma and its source […]

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‚Making Sense of Devotion‘ · Retreat in Darjeeling

05.02.2019: A message from the Gyalwang Drukpa: It has been quite a few years since I last celebrated the Lunar New Year with my students, friends, monks and lay people here in Dali Gonpa (officially known as Druk Sangling Choeling Monastery). I feel very blessed to be able to conduct the seven-day MahakalaDrupchod together with […]

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„Jewel of the Heart“ by H. H. Gyalwang Drukpa

  „Jewel of the Heart“ will be available by end of October 2017. Order can be placed at:   .  

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Kung Fu Nuns in Spiegel Online (27. August 2017)

. Heute erschien ein Video über die Kung Fu Nonnen Seiner Heiligkeit Gyalwang Drukpa auf Spiegel Online Es dokumentiert einen Workshop der Nonnen für Frauen am Naropa Pothrang in Hemis. Einfach Spiegel Online anklicken.   Zur Unterstützung der Nonnen auf  Humanitäres – Sponsorenschaft für eine Nonne klicken. .  

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Jigme Mönlam Zangmo

„My very old friend Barbara“, wie sich Seine Heiligkeit ausdrückte, wurde von S.H. im Laufe des Yangti-retreats in Plouray zur Nonne ordiniert. Er hat ihr den Namen Jigme Mönlam Zangmo verliehen. Diese freudige Überraschung hat uns alle sehr bewegt. Liebe Mönlam Zangmo wir wünschen dir von Herzen alles Gute auf diesem neuen Abschnitt deines Dharmaweges. […]

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