· Ein neues Buch von Seiner Heiligkeit Gyalwang Drukpa ist auf englisch erschienen: ‚My crazy tale‘




„It is said that my mother did not experience any pain or difficulty at the time of my birth. My mother is kind-hearted, compassionate, very devout in her spiritual practice and has deep-seated devotion to Buddha Amitabha. She has done one hundred million recitations of the Amitabha mantra, complete with generation and completion process. From the age of thirteen years she renounced the world, did the preliminary practices and mind training, clearing the doubts through listening and contemplating the meaning. Having done meditation and applied it properly to the mental continuum, she experienced external and inner signs and heats as described in the texts, and also had visions of practice deities. She also has a pure vision of all the traditions and Gurus.

Much later, she secretly told me that when I was in her womb she dreamt of young girls dancing and showing their thumbs which had the syllable Hri in a red colour and congratulated her, saying “you will have a son”. She also said that she sometimes heard the sound of recitation of the Amitabha mantra in her womb. Many Dharma friends, Khenpos and writers had asked her about dreams or auspicious signs she had had, saying they would use the information to write my biography, but she never told them anything. “No one will believe it anyway. So there’s no point in telling them. It will only add to gossip. Telling the truth or lying will serve no purpose”, she said.

In fact they were so worried that I would be recognized as a reincarnate Guru they never stayed long in one place. So apprehensive were they of my being recognized as a reincarnation, that they dressed me in grey or dark coloured clothes and never allowed me to wear any red or yellow clothes. But funnily enough, I was fond of red and yellow clothes then. I say “funnily” because today, red and yellow are part of the dress code and I have to wear them. Otherwise I am not that fond of the colours red and yellow. When Bairo Rinpoche went out, I would bully the other family members and wrap myself in Rinpoche’s Zen or wrapper. There were many things in the table drawer and I would take them out and shake them the whole day. As soon as I heard that Bairo Rinpoche was back, I would take off the Zen, quickly put everything back and pretend that I had done nothing. This was because of my deep love for Rinpoche and not out of fear. Forget about thrashing, he would never even scold me or show irritation. One day I had a great wish to wear red shoes and I threw away my new black shoes. I said that the pair of black shoes was lost and a new pair of shoes should be bought. They knew I had thrown away the shoes and my wish was not fulfilled. I have many such anecdotes to tell.“ ~ Excerpt from „My Crazy Tale“ by the Gyalwang Drukpa.


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