Victims of injustice

Our heart goes out to all victims of injustice.

„Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.“

Kung Fu Nuns on Facebook: 1. Juni 2020



I am very glad for the public outrage against police brutality and prejudice. Driving these protests are the undeserved killing of black people (and even sometimes white people), inequality, injustice, false news reporting, unemployment, the poor handling of the COVID crisis –- this is a moment in history like the 60’s anti-war protests in America. People cannot take this way of living anymore. Who could tolerate abuse like this?

As a Buddhist leader in the Himalayas, I feel we must actively and vocally support this movement. We cannot sit back and watch from afar, hiding behind words like “equanimity” as an excuse to say nothing. True progress and realization can only exist when courage exists, whether it is to confront worldly injustice or our inner defilements. So we must take a stand and show others – YES, black lives matter. And all sentient beings matter. One by one, we will support each group fighting for their lives to matter.

Now is the time for Black Lives Matter, lives that have suffered through the historic trauma of slavery and endless systemic racism. We stand and call out with our friends against injustice and police brutality. And we challenge everyone across the Himalayas and the world to stand against ethnic discrimination, intimidation, and violence in our own communities. America is not alone in this. We all face these problems. The outrage in America is also the outrage we feel in our hearts, and we celebrate the peaceful but forceful and now unstoppable uprising of the human spirit.

May brutality be checked, may we find the skillful means for change, and may true peace prevail. ~ The Gyalwang Drukpa


We all came in on different ships, but we’re all in the same boat now.


Juni 14, 2020 • Posted in: Aktuelles